August 21, 2012

Weekend Diary

sunset view from my house
I suppose I don't plan on blogging regularly until,
late September. 

Not because I don't want to,
but because I simply don't have time. 
I don't know how some people do it... 

this weekend I:

-spent quality time with family,
and had the pleasure of consuming an amazing Italian feast cooked by my sister's bf, in my own home.
Mussels, clams, oysters, scallops, grilled veggies... oh my!
-partook in an indulgent happy hour with some of my favorite people from work. 
You have to love the people you work with - makes those 40 hours you spend in the office every week SO much more bearable.

-sang along to "Hold On" at the Wilson Phillips concert with my besties. 
Believe it. 
All my 90's dreams came true. So fun!
-attended a baby shower for one goooorgeous mama to be.

-laid out by the pool and just enjoyed summer. 

-I've also been cooking up a storm lately. 
Thinking that it won't hurt if I share some recipes with ya'll soon. 
Stay tuned. 


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