October 5, 2011

Time Flies

I feel like people say this all the time but... 

it's crazy how FAST this past year has gone by!

This weekend the hubby and I are celebrating our one year anniversary.

I think it's kind of gip,
having to start over, after being together for eight solid years..

{yep, that's how long it took me to say yes}

but it sure was nice to play the newlywed game for the past few months.

So here's the plan:

we decided that instead of giving each other material gifts for our anniversary each year, 

we have a hard enough time coming up with creative ideas for Christmas, birthdays and Valentines Day,

we would take turns planning surprise getaways for each other instead.

Since it was kind of my idea,
genius, I know,
I was the first one to plan. 

It's been killing me to keep this secret for so long,
(4 months, 6 days, and a few hours to be exact)
but it's going to be soooo worth it to see the look on his face when he finds out tomorrow. 

That's right. I'm keeping my lips sealed until the very end! 
Like... until we check into our flight.. that kind of end. 

And I'm sorry to tell you this,
but because I have one sneaky husband,
I won't be able to share our destination with you either, until we get back. 

I know. 

It's cruel. 

So to make it fun, I decided to turn it into a game :D

I'll give you three clues to guess from, and the first person to guess and put the correct answer in the comments section below will get a special gift upon my return!

So here we go:

Clue #1: The place that we're going to consists of more than 700 islands.

Clue #2: The name of the country we're going to comes from a Spanish word 'bajamar', meaning 'shallow water'.

Clue #3: The flamingo is the national bird of the country. 

Does anyone know where we're going??
Like I said, the first person to guess correctly, wins!

Friends and confidants are obviously disqualified because, let's face it, that just wouldn't be fair.

Good luck!!

P.S. To keep you occupied while I'm away, I've scheduled some super sweet wedding-related posts for you to see.... I'm completely obsessed with our wedding pictures, so I hope you enjoy them too!



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Clochet said...

Can't wait to see more pics!enjoy!
xx, Clochet


El said...

The country of more than 700 islands? Bahamas, of course :)
Happy anniversary, guys!!!!!!! Have a fantastic getaway!


Etherian Home said...

Have an awesome time with the hubby!

Tamra {ever swoon} said...

Bahamas!! Wherever you book the ticket, I'm sure you will have an amazing 1st anniversary!! We just celebrated our first anniversary and I'm still going to celebrate our dating anniversary too! haha

Anonymous said...

bahamas ;-) have a WONDERFUL time :) :)

kelcy ☼ said...

your wedding was beautiful!
I love how your bridesmaids wore black <3