March 22, 2012

Clean It Up!

I've been planning to do a juice cleanse for a LONG time.. 
In the past couple of months, I have found numerous reasons for putting it off,
but at the end of the day,
the benefits outweighed my fears (of starvation, obviously).
Last week, I finally committed to consume nothing but juice for two whole days.
If you've detoxed before,
you're probably reading this and thinking:
"Wimp. Two days? That's nothing!"
Maybe you're right,
but for a virgin cleanser like myself,
two days sounded like a mighty long time. 

Choosing the right program was tough..
there are so many cleanses out there, 
and it's easy to get overwhelmed. 
I knew I couldn't survive on water with lemon and cayenne pepper alone, 
forget about it. 
I wanted something wholesome and nutritious,
and that's when I came across Nekter Juice Bar.

The Nekter Cleanse is different from fasting;
it provides enough nutrients with limited calories.
The drink formulas are specifically designed to rid your body of toxic buildup in the organs, digestive tract and even in the skin. 
I can't say that it's the best-tasting formula I've ever consumed,
but I'll tell you one thing,
those juices sure keep you full! 
You're supposed to consume a 16 oz. bottle every two hours or so,
and I could barely get through five bottles each day! 
The last drink of the day was my favorite -
if you like cashews, I'm sure it will be your favorite too. 
What can you expect as far as results?
Well... I did lose three pounds in two days,
and my skin does seem brighter this week. 
I can't say that you will react the same way as me,
because obviously everyone's body is so different.
However, I do feel healthier,
and whether that's true, or if it's all in my head,
I don't really care. 
At the end, all that matters is how you feel, right?
And I feel great! 

Have you ever tried a cleanse before?
Is there a specific brand you recommend?

P.S. I'm currently in Miami,
so I apologize for the lack of posts. 
I promise lots of fun photos upon my return!
In the meantime, you can keep up with my adventures through my Instagram.



Anonymous said...

I've never done a cleanse, but this looks do-able! Thanks for sharing :)

Marie Martell said...

you can do it! Keep us posted!

Laura said...

Beautiful posts and blog! Would you like to follow each other?
I'd love to have you as my new fashion friend!:X