March 7, 2012

Wine Tasting in Valle de Guadalupe

While we were in Mexico last weekend,
we decided to go on a wine-tasting tour.
Our concierge hooked us up with a private driver,
who proceeded to escort us around Valle de Guadalupe,
aka Mexican wine country. 
The experience was like nothing any of us ever expected. 

Our day started out with a 45 minute drive away from Rosarito Beach,
and into the mountains above Ensenada. 
During our tour,
our guide wowed us with endless information about how the wine country came to be. 

During the 17th century,
the Spanish government began taking advantage of the valley's Mediterranean climate
by planting vines throughout the countryside. 
Other European countries soon followed,
and soon,
Baja began building a reputation for producing wines that were comparable to those of Napa.

Perhaps the biggest revelation for me,
was to learn about the large Russian settlement in Guadalupe Valley.
At the beginning of the 20th century, 
over 100 Russian families came as part of a Russian Orthodox Church dissidence that was welcomed in Mexico. 
Hence the existence of several Russian wineries that sit among the beautiful valleys - 
which brings me to the first winery we visited,

From there,
we headed towards another small Russian winery-
Samarin vineyard.
There we enjoyed some delicious fresh cheese and authentic Russian bread,
along with some apple pie, 
and of course,
Fresh cheese.
Fresh olive oil spreads. 
One hungry husband.
After indulging in several baked goods,
and even more glasses of wine,
we stumbled back to the car
and proceeded to our next destination.

LA Cetto is the largest winery in Mexico.
Their wines are distributed all over the world, 
and have earned more than 150 awards from some of the most prestigious wine competitions. 
The landscape around this vineyard is breathtaking,
and the cellars are incredibly sophisticated. 
Call me ignorant,
but I had no idea anything like this existed in the mountains of Baja. 
Well now I know,
and I'm sharing this info with you so you can get your butts out there and enjoy it for yourself.
And finally,
to finish off our day,
we stopped by a winery that specializes in dessert wine.
Can anyone say yum?!
Hubby with our awesome tour guide.
My friend and I with Victor, the winery owner.

So what do you think?
Have I convinced you to venture out to the Mexican Wine Country or what?!



Fit With Flash said...

can you believe i lived in SD for 4 years and NEVER made it down to Mexico?! looks like an amazing trip though! i only ever made it to SB, Temecula, and Napa while I was out there... thanks for visiting my blog! following back for sure! I'll be back in SD next week, can't wait to be in the SUN!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

how random! especially the russian settlement. that is so random it sounds like a joke!

such a fun time... im JEALOUS of your sunshine!

Bethany Jensen said...

Aw love the rustic vibe of that one winery. Pretty!

Kasey Lynne said...

You definitely have! LA Cetto looks AMAZING!

And I'll take some of that dessert wine. YUM!

Olivia.Dee said...

I never knew any of that existed. Then again, I havent been to mexico in almost 6 years. wow!

claude said...

seems like you had a good time!
very very beautiful pictures
I want to go on holidays too!!;)


Lauren said...

UGH i really need to head down to mexico. it looks gorgeous and it's like in my back yard!! I am in OC and have been since '07, need to jump on it!!


CMM said...

Wow, I live in SD, also...And I had no idea there was a little win region down south! Great post. :)

Jessica Gitler said...

hey girl, do you remember the name and number of your driver, we are heading down there this weekend and would love to hire someone to take us to the wineries .... hit me up if you can!

Anonymous said...

Looking for a driver to Valle de Guadalupe?

Anonymous said...