March 16, 2012

Brian Malarkey Fan Club

I think it's safe to refer to this blog as 
Brian Malarkey's Official Fan Club. 

Has a good ring to it, 

I have shamelessly expressed my love for Malarkey's first three restaurants,
on this blog before.
the man is on a roll. 

Gabardine, located in Point Loma, 
is his newest venture.
Together with Chad White of Sea Rocket Bistro,
the chefs are focusing on producing a seafood dedicated menu,
that left us licking our plates clean. 

Why am I such a huge fan of Malarkey's?
No, it's not just because of his good looks...
although I gotta say,
I DID get excited to see him making his rounds while we were there this week;
but in all honesty,
I just really respect him as an entrepreneur. 
He's an entertainer,
and every time I drop in, I feel welcome, 
and leave happy as a clam. 
Uni Crostini - apple-radish salad, curry aioli, yuzu-honey vinaigrette
Black Cod "Foie Gras" - brioche, port cherries & pistachios
Favorite dish of the night!!
Octopus Asada - escarole, mustard, chourico butter
Yellowtail Crudo - shallot, lime, serrano-carrot vinaigrette
Papas Fritas
Uni Gelato

And he's not even done yet. 
Herringbone is due to open in La Jolla any day now,
and this girl cannot be more excited!



Anonymous said...

Love your blouse and necklace. What brand are they?

Justine said...

This food looks amazing. Especially the dessert! p.s you're gorgeous!

Katherine Krieg said...

this all looks amazing. you take such fab photos!! makes me want to fly down right now to try them all out!

beti said...

the food looks beautiful and delicious! I would love to try it

Kinsey Michaels said...

wow, i had no idea he had a restaurant in Pt. Loma, no less another one slated to open in La Jolla. that man is on a roll! i have only been to Searsucker, but just for drinks. i'm anxious to try the food!

Travel Packages blog | Travel Deals blog said...

Hmmm delicious, I love it.