March 8, 2012

Thursday Travel Tips

Once again,
this Thursday's Travel Tips
are inspired by our latest getaway.
Today I'm gonna tell you about why you should head down south,
specifically to Rosarito, Mexico.
There have been so many stories in the past few years,
advising tourists to stay away from this beautiful country.
Do I think it's safe to go to Mexico?
For the most part.

Here's my opinion on the whole thing:
Have a good time,
but don't get belligerent and stumble out of a club at 3 in the morning by yourself.
Follow that advice and you should be golden.

Do my friends and I still party when we head south of the border?
Of course!
I meaaaan... have you seen my two latest posts?
Just do it responsibly people!
Stay with a group of friends,
and exercise alertness.
Something you should be doing anyway,
not only in Mexico,
but in every part of the world.
Let me tell you...
I've seen a fair share of drunk girls stumbling out of nightclubs right here in my home city.
Not classy ladies. Not in the least.

So now that the "safety" talk is over and done with,
let's talk about what you CAN and SHOULD do in Baja.

Where to stay:
There are so many fabulous options around Rosarito.

If you're looking for a relaxing experience,
drive just a few miles past Rosarito,
and stay at Las Rocas.
This is where we stayed last weekend,
and I cannot say enough great things about the place!
We were treated like royalty the whole time,
the rooms are beautiful (ours had this amazing vaulted ceiling),
there are two infinity pools overlooking the pacific ocean,
the food at the onsite restaurant is bomb,
and did I mention there's a karaoke bar?
 Yeah buddy.
View from our room at Las Rocas
The ceiling of our suite at Las Rocas
If you're looking to party,
your best bet is to stay smack dab in the middle of the strip,
The huzband and I stayed here way back in the day,
when we were first dating.
It's a fun spot right on the beach,
and is walking distance to most bars and restaurants.

Where to eat:
I feel so fortunate to live in such close proximity to a place that's known around the world for their lobster.
If you're a seafood lover,
Puerto Nuevo will be your new heaven.
Drive just a few minutes past Rosarito,
and you'll find yourself in the "Lobster Capital of Baja".
Whenever we're down there,
we head straight to Villa Ortegas.
Stunning views and affordable prices will keep you coming back too!
For about $20 you can indulge in fresh buttery lobster,
rice, beans, amaaaazing tortillas and a whole lot more.
I'm telling you,
this place is a MUST!

What to do:
Well besides the obvious beach-side activities,
there's plenty to do in Rosarito.
I've already talked about wine-tasting in my last post,
and you can always do the touristy options of horseback riding on the beach,
or renting jet skis and kayaks.
One thing that we didn't get to do this time around,
but that I'm really looking forward to during our next venture,
is the movie tour of Fox Studios,
located right there, in the middle of Rosarito.
Oh yeah,
did you know that Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed there?
So awesome.. can't wait to check it out!

So what do you think about Rosarito?
Have you ever been?
Do you have any suggestions for me for our next trip?
Please share.



Jessica Gitler said...

Wow, love this post ... I want to pack up and head there right now!!

Andrea said...

These pictures look beautiful. I've never been to Mexico before but as of now it's pretty much at the top of my to-visit list. :)
Wonderful and Marvelous

Sophie said...

wow! it looks amazing! lately i have been dreaming about going to mexico, central america and south america! you have made me want to go and explore even more!

your photos are beautiful! xx

me said...

Hola Natasha,
It was a good surprise to find your article about Rosarito!
I have a suggestion for your next trip to Baja: May 26 & 27 (Memorial Weekend) Come over to the 3rd Edition of Rosarito Art Fest. A festival for every taste where you will find more than a 100 artists (photography, sculpture, painting and design), local and international cuisine and beverages from the region. A stage with continuous performances of great artists and groups. Free admission.
Come over and have a great Memorial Weekend!