May 14, 2011

Vienna - Yummies

It's going to be pretty obvious, judging by the lack of photographs, that by the end of our latest trip, we were far too tired and distracted to remember to take pictures of everything we consumed. Nevertheless, I did manage to capture two special meals, at two special restaurants, which I would now like to recommend to you, my dear readers.

The first place was recommended to us for being a local favorite. This was true. When we walked into Salm Brau there wasn't a tourist in site, yet the place was still packed to the max. We got even more excited when we realized that the restaurant had its own brewery and distillery! Fresh beer and authentic Viennese food? What more could we ask for? 
The second restaurant we accidentally stumbled upon, and good thing we did, because the food was delicious! Located right by the university, Cafe Einstein serves hearty food at great prices. We sat around for a little longer than we should of, taking in the aroma of the food and people watching. 
Gosh how I miss having a pint of beer with every meal.. oh well, that guilty pleasure will just have to wait until our next trip!


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Jenni Austria Germany said...

stop it! i used to live there and these pictures are making me miss it so much. :)