May 20, 2011


I'm pretty sure that I have gushed before about my sincere love for Thai food (it's seriously the thing I'm looking forward to the most about our upcoming trip to Thailand). I'm pleased to share with you that I have recently discovered a new Thai joint in San Diego, and I am absolutely obsessed!

Private booths for everyone! Love the concept of sheer curtains around each table in the Waterfall Room.. so romantic!

Summer Rolls - Yum!! One of the best appetizers, like.. ever!

Drunken Noodles - fresh rice noodles with thai basil, tomatoes, onions, garlic, fresh chili and kai lan.

Gai Qua - Fresh rice noodles stir fried with cabbage, chicken, squid and garlic soy. A street classic.

I'm talking about Rama - located in the heart of Gaslamp, directly across from the San Diego Convention Center. Rama provides an elegant and exotic atmosphere along with tantalizing music, and friends, don't even get me started on how delicious the food is! You absolutely MUST pay this place a visit.

Sooo... I'll see you there? Happy Friday!



* said...

Such great flavors in Thai food...yuuuum =)

stop by!

letiziabarcelona said...

LOve thai food too, Ive spent 1 month in Bangkok and north Thailand in 2005 and I loved the food (well, I love the food everywhere I go ;))


Jenni Austria Germany said...

never have i ever wanted to transport myself into a blog post more. i am dying over this food. dying, i say!