May 6, 2011

Prague - Yummies

Alright, is everyone ready for the second installment of the "yummies" series? I know, you're probably thinking: how much meat and beer can this girl handle?? Plenty, my friends, don't even worry!

Before we get to the juicy stuff though, I want to tell you about my favorite snack, (possibly ever), that was available on every corner of Prague (and can't be found anywhere in the states, boo!). Trdelnik. That's right, trdelnik. Yeah, that's really how it's spelled; don't ask me how it's pronounced. Let me see, how can I explain this deliciousness... it's basically a slab of dough, that's wrapped around a medal cylinder, which is then flattened, dipped in sugar and cinamon, and then cooked over an open flame. Simply put, it is de-lish!
On every corner..
Oh how I miss thee!
Alright, moving on to something of substance... 
So many choices! 
Did you know that the Czech Republic is number one nation in the world known for beer consumption?
Karp! Yes, there is actually some fish under there.
Goulash with potato dumplings
Glorious MEAT.
How can something so simple be so good?
So we check it out...
Now THAT'S a good selection!
Drinking on the streets? It's like Vegas!
Just a few midnight snacks... ham & onion chips, salami, cheese and water.
Sashlik. Pretty darn good, but my dad's is better.
And now for the grand finale... are you ready?
Prague's version of the Pork Shank. Even better than the first one we had in Berlin
Absinthe! Couldn't pass it up, especially after our last experience
Yeah.. you're right. It IS as big as my head.



Morgan said...

Oh my gosh! That last photo is too funny!

Kinsey Michaels said...

ahhhh that trdelnick looks SOOOO good. i would absolutely try that!

Heather said...

I love how excited you are about ALL of it! Um and fried dough coated with cinnamon and sugar? YES PLEASE!