May 30, 2015

The Rustic Root

You know why I love instagram?
It's for very similar reasons as to why I took up blogging - 
it's nice to have a record of some of my favorite times in life, 
nicely organized in chronological order.
Every once in a while I scroll through my feed and smirk at how much has changed over the past several years, 
and how much has remained the same. 
I may not be into club hopping every weekend any more, 
but I still cherish nights out with my ladies.
 Nowadays, we'd much rather go out to a nice dinner and enjoy a few glasses of wine than get crazy on the dance floor,
and it seems like some of the industry leaders in San Diego are heading in a similar direction.

A few weeks ago we checked out Rustic Root,
a new Gaslamp staple, brought to you by the RMD Group.
The company, which owns some of the biggest night spots in San Diego (Fluxx & Sidebar),
has recently opened Don Chido (mentioned in this post) and says they don't plan to open more clubs in San Diego,
but intend to continue to expand their restaurant holdings.
Something I can really get behind, because if the first two restaurants tell us anything,
there are only good things to come. 

Rustic Root showcases a dynamic menu of rustic American cuisine, 
with a spotlight on locally sourced meats, produce, seafood, and house-made ingredients. 
In other words, it's a smorgasbord of great flavors. 
We ordered a bunch of dishes and shared them family style,
which worked out great for a group of six girls. 
My favorites of the night were the Carnitas Bao Bao Sliders - so much flavor with each bite!!

The decor is quirky and modern,
and I'm so excited to check out the rooftop patio that will be unveiled in June!
It will be perfect for the summer,
and for that matter, all year round, since San Diego continues to spoil us with glorious weather no matter the season. 
535 5th Ave.
San Diego, CA


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