May 6, 2015

In Love With..

-I decided to pass on the Apple watch.. for now. But I am quite smitten with the new MacBook. Gold?! I think I decided what I'm getting myself for my birthday.

-Tried out a few new places around town lately and here's what I recommend:
1. Quartyard - I love my dogs. You love your dogs. We all love our dogs. And alcohol. Combine the two and taking your pooch to the park just got a whole lot more interesting!
2. SuperNatural Sandwiches - hidden in between the military base and a million random businesses, is a tiny deli that serves up the most legit seafood sandwiches. With shrimp chips! I tried the siren and the griffin so far. Both are ridiculously delicious. Go there. Now!
3. Don Chido - I know that there's like a gazillion a-ma-zing taco shops sprinkled all throughout San Diego, but sometimes a gal wants to feel classy when she's shoving a burrito in her mouth. So she devours this burrito at a Mexican restaurant instead. Don Chido is located in the heart of the Gaslamp district, has killer carnitas and an awesome bar. Olé!

-I've been on a reading kick lately. I finished Girl on the Train in like.... a day, and now I'm completely sucked into Killing Kennedy. I can't say that Bill O'Reilly is my favorite person on the planet, especially not when I listen to his interviews... however, this is a damn good book. So easy to read, and I'm actually learning and retaining everything I probably should have learned and retained in my U.S. History class in high school. Better late than never!

-Were you obsessing over MET Gala coverage this year? I was. Let's talk about the battle of the booties. Who wore it best?
Jlo, Kimmy or Bey? 


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