May 1, 2015

Sycamore Den

Are you guys watching the last season of Mad Men?
Does anyone else feel like they're on the verge of depression because you don't want the show to end? 
Only three. episodes. left. 

I love that the last stint takes place in the 70's. 
Such a fun decade!
Do you want to time travel there?
You can. Sort of. 
I recently stopped by Sycamore Den to try out a cocktail or two,
and instantly fell in love with the ambiance. 
The cocktails are awesome, 
with the Wolf Ticket being the most popular.
Grab a seat by the giant fire place and roast up some smores (the Den will provide all the ingredients!),
or just chill by the bar and take in the music of the piano. 
Definitely adding this place to my list of go-to's when I need to unwind!
Sycamore Den
3391 Adams Ave.
Normal Heights, CA 92116


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