June 14, 2015

In Love With..


-just got back from Europe and I can't wait to share some travel photos and tips from the places I visited. It was a quickie this time... my mom and I explored around Sweden, Latvia and Denmark in a period of 8 days. Now that's what I call fast and furious. 

-I turned 29 this week, and although I've been pretty jet-lagged, I still managed to try out some new restaurants and bars that I highly recommend:
-Catania is the newest member of the Whisknladle Hospitality Group, and offers yummy Coastal Italian cuisine in the heart of La Jolla. My bestie and I enjoyed a bottle of rosé and the Margherita pizza on their patio, and it was quite a pleasant experience. 
-Also stopped by to play some games and ingest some cocktails at Park & Rec, an indoor/outdoor bar that took over the space abandoned by Bourbon Street in University Heights. It's totally hipster, meaning it's super cute, and it may just be my new favorite place for craft cocktails. 

-spent the day at the Oysterfest yesterday which consisted of beer, music, oysters and some more beer  right on the Embarcadero. All in all a shucking good time. Speaking of which, I walked away with a new hoodie made by Aw Shucks Apparel, and it's seriously the softest thing ever! I'm kind of obsessed, and consider myself a lucky mother shucker for finding it. 

-have you guys been watching Game of Thrones this season? I feel like it dragged ooooonnnnn for 7 whole episodes and then BAM! The last two have been crazy action packed. I don't even know if I can handle the finale tonight.. but I am super excited for True Detective to start. What other shows are you guys watching? Tell me! It's been a long time since I binged on something GOOD.


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Sabina B said...

Well thanks so much for the link to that apparel brand. Its definitely going on my list. But you are saying its available in SD as well? So no need to order it? Its so funny you coming over here to Europe and me to CA :) Glad you enjoyed it. Sabina | Oceanblue Style