August 7, 2012


I've been living life to the fullest. 
I know I've been slacking on posting,
but you'll have to forgive me. 

You see, 
even though San Diego has picture perfect weather all year round,
summer time around here is even better. 
So I've been taking serious advantage of the little free time I get, 
and doing a little bit of everything... 
for example:

-hosting my girlfriends over for dinner on my patio
I made shrimp scampi pasta using this recipe,
and we devoured it with some wine while watching the sun set.

-taking part in one of my best friend's wedding
I was so honored to stand beside my friends as they got married,
and beyond excited to help them celebrate on the roof top of the Andaz Hotel.

-watching the Olympics, and counting down to London. 
Go team USA! 
Only 3 weeks left till our trip!

-wine tasting in Temecula
We're so fortunate to live so close to Wine Country.
Temecula is less than an hour away from our house,
and offers a ton of different wineries to choose from.
Last weekend we tried out Danza Del Sol, Lorimar, and Falkner.
So fun.

-trying out different cuisines around San Diego- 
French at Cavaillon, Greek at Taverna Blu, and Mongolian at Little Sheep.

-practicing my tennis skills and taking sunset hikes at Cowles Mountain and Torrey Pines

Man, and that's just last week! 
What have you been up to lately? 
Any plans for the rest of the summer? 
Time is flying by so quickly - 
fall will be upon us before we know it.



Squared said...

beautiful pictures!! Looks like you had fun!

Treasure Tromp said...

what a busy week! and you've totally inspired me to have my girls over for a dinner while this weather is still so beautiful

Olivia.Dee said...

you have been a busy little bee! perfect way to spend/enjoy the summer!

cynthia said...

mmmmmm, Cavaillon. so yummy

Aspiring Kennedy said...

Wow, you are definitely making the most out of every last moment of summer. There is something so magical and special about summer weddings. Maybe because the daylight and reception seem to go on forever? Also, any restaurant named Little Sheep is worth trying.

Anonymous said...

your dinner party looks amazing...I can't wait to host one of those for my close friends soon!

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