August 12, 2012

Where do babies come from?

I suppose it's only natural,
for people to wonder when the huz and I are planning to have kids. 
I mean,
we've been together for ten years,
married for almost two. 
We're pretty settled down,
having recently purchased a house in one of those suburban neighborhoods and acquired one of those family-friendly cars... 
So like I said,
it makes sense for people to enquire about when we're going to start popping out some nuggets. 
I'm not going to lie,
the thought of having children freaks me out. 
Like, REALLY scares the bejezus out of me. 
You see,
in my mind, 
I'm still a kid myself. 
But I'm guessing everyone feels that way...  
I know very few people who have actually been "ready" to reproduce.
But I've been mentally preparing myself,
and I think I'm getting pretty comfortable with the idea of starting a family. 

No, I'm not pregnant. 
But we have a plan.. 
so for all those wondering when you'll see some baby posts around here,
it might be sooner than later. 
Perhaps next year?
Who knows what's in the cards for us. 
For now,
I'm pretty comfortable just borrowing those two munchkins pictured above -
my nephews. 
So adorable,
and so fun to give back at the end of the night. 

Do people ever bug you about having babies?
How are your ovaries handling all this pressure???



Jay said...

My family is all about the babies and having children really freaks me out too! I'm not sure I'll ever be completely ready but I imagine taking the plunge in the next year too.

Anonymous said...

You are so young, you still have plenty of time! Once kids are here you can't send them back and they cost a pretty penny. Don't have kids unless you are ready to make THEM the focus for the next 20 years. The hard reality of child rearing hits those hard who have not prepared for the truth of how much work it really is. It's way more than just dressing them in cute outfits and decorating a baby's room.

Regina Lily said...

YES. We've been married for almost 2 years, just bought a house, and get the "when are you having a baby" question everyday! We just take it day by day. You really can't give in to the pressure. We decided to enjoy our marriage and just let fate decide. It's working for us so far! :) Someone told me once that you will never have "alone" time with it just being you and your husband again after you have kids, so that made me focus on soaking up our alone time!