August 28, 2012

Weekend Diary

This weekend I:
-Hiked Cowles Mountain again.
The weather was perfect.
I'm SO in love with San Diego.
-Took in more sun rays on my patio,
while eating fresh basil pasta and re-reading The Great Gatsby before the movie comes out. 
How excited is everyone for Leo's comeback by the way?
I've missed that man.
-Caught up with some of my besties over 2001 wine that one of them brought from her honeymoon in Greece. 
-Cured a hangover with some delish Korean food at Friend's House
-I may, or may not have ombre'd my hair...
-Had my girlfriends over for dinner. 
Home made shrimp enchiladas via this recipe with coronas on the side, was a perfect way to wrap up the weekend!



Jay said...

Mmmm, all of that food has my mouth watering!

Justine said...

So excited for the Great Gatsby! I'm especially excited for the fact that it is directed by the same director of Moulin Rouge, which I love!

Anonymous said...

I need to read that book! These enchiladas look soooo yummy. You rock girl, love your blog!

Bailey Schneider said...

Your photo's are AWESOME!
What a perfect time

hklover86 said...

I absolutely love Leo. I was totally obsessed over him during the Titanic days when I was like 11 and then I kinda was over it...and then I saw the movie Blood Diamond and fell in love all over again!