August 26, 2011

This Is No Ordinary Love

Something amazing happened this week. I saw a legend perform, and she melted my heart... For those of you who are new to my blog, here's a fun fact: my husband and I are still newlyweds. We got married last October, and had the pleasure of dancing for the first time as man and wife to Sade's By Your Side.. It was a magical moment, and all those wonderful memories came rushing back to us as we watched Sade sing that beautiful song on stage. Oh, and if the night wasn't amazing enough already, we also got to catch John Legend perform as her opening act. It. Was. Awesome. 

{the happy couple, ready to get our groove on}

{John Legend, doin' what he does best}

{the legend herself}

So thankful that she broke her ten-year streak and started performing live again. Sade, we've missed you. Welcome back.

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Carly said...

Sade is awesome..can only imagine how amazing she sounds in concert!
Enjoy this first year of wonderful being a newlywed...your anniversary is just around the corner:)
First time stopping to check out some posts.

El said...

OMG!!! Will you believe that I'm listening to the "Smooth Operator" now??? It is so awesome that you've been to Sade's concert! I LOVE her!!!!!

classy & fabulous


SAM said...

How wonderful! I unfortunately missed her while she was in Cali this summer. By your side is one of my all time favorite songs :)