March 26, 2015

Weekend Getaways

Hey friends, 
who else is ready for the weekend? 
I know I am. 

I'm thinking it's time for another weekend getaway,
don't you think?
If you're looking for ideas, 
then you should definitely join me in the #FKWEEKEND twitter chat today at 3 pm EST.
Together with FlipKey, area expert cohosts, and select TripAdvisor Media Group brands,
 I'll be chatting about favorite weekend getaway cities and destinations in the US.

If you had a few days to spend in some of our favorite cities, what would you do?
Where would you go?
Where would you eat?

I'm looking forward to sharing some of my ideas,
and more importantly,
getting some new ones!

If you don't have a twitter account, or are unable to join the party today,
don't fear,
FlipKey offers some amazing travel guides on their site.
So many places, and so little time!

Hope to chat with you all in a few hours!



Anonymous said...

Love a good weekend getaway! I am just posting on a trip I did to Utah from San Diego!


Anonymous said...

With all you amazing trips, could you share some tips on how far in advance you start planning? Budgeting?

Diwakar said...

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