March 5, 2015

In Love With..

-seriously considering a juice cleanse next week. I've done it before, and it's a love-hate relationship. Love the way I feel after about three days, but kind of hate getting there. Don't get me wrong, the juices are delicious, and the program I usually opt for even allows food (yay for chewing!), but I always want what I can't have. In this case it's anything from In-N-Out and McFlurries. Who am I?! I don't even like sweets that much! Ugh, the struggle is REAL. 

-so I'm not really into competitive reality TV (is that what the American Idol category is even called, or did I just make it up?), but this week I turned on The Voice and kind of got sucked in. Mainly because Adam is so dreamy, but also because there was this kid who sounded SO GOOD. So I may or may not watch the whole season. We'll see. But speaking of Adam, have you guys seen this Maroon 5 video? Did they really do that? I love them even more now. 

-this week I had dinner at Bankers Hill for the first time in years, and was kind of kicking myself for not coming in more often. The steaks are always on point, and I highly recommend the Chile Verde Soup. Also stopped by Starlite for a quick happy hour, and I still believe that they make the best moscow mules in San Diego. Their potato and cheddar pierogis are also amazing... smothered in butter and caramelized onions. Guh! I'm salivating. 

-I know that it's probably not the smartest fashion investment, considering the weather in San Diego is not exactly conducive for wearing wool hats buuuuut.... I really really want a Janessa Leone hat. There are so many cute ones to choose from!


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