March 16, 2015

Panama 66

I have this romantic notion of what a picnic should look like in my mind...
You know, a plaid blanket,
a wicker basket filled with hand-made sandwiches, cheeses and fruit,
some white vino that magically remains chilled throughout the day. 
I've tried to assemble this setup once or twice before,
but haven't had much luck. 
Somehow the food looks like it's been sent via snail mail from Africa by the time we're ready to eat,
the wine is warmer than my morning coffee,
and no matter how large my blanket is, there's never enough room for us to actually sit. 
So you end up laying out your legs on the freshly cut grass,
only to get eaten alive by bugs five minutes later. 

Debbie Downer much?

Well anyway, I've given up on most diy activities, 
including arranging a picnic basket,
and have opted to seek out cafes with outdoor patios and professionally assembled food instead.

I checked out Panama 66 a few weeks ago,
and was pleasantly surprised with the simplicity. 
Situated adjacent to the San Diego Museum of Art,
the location is perfect for taking a break from museum hopping. 
 The menu changes often, but they do have a full bar, 
and offer a nice variety of appetizers, sandwiches and salads. 
Oh, and they also do brunch, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-3pm. 

With summer practically upon us,
at least it feels like it considering the weather has been climbing above 90 degrees lately,
it's a nice option for a day-time "picnic" at Balboa Park. 


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Sabina B said...

Panama is real cool love this location. And the view of CA tower. I am writing an article about Balboa Park for a German magazine... so loved reading your post! Have u been up there? Sabina | Oceanblue Style