March 2, 2014

The Cravory

Some of you may laugh at me, 
but the fact that it's been raining all weekend makes me insanely happy. 
It finally feels a little bit like winter in San Diego!

The chilly temperatures and the sound of falling drops outside make me want to indulge in some guilty pleasures..
spending all day cuddling by the fire and piling on the comfort food. 
I have been turning it UP in the kitchen recently,
so much so,
that it leaves no energy to spend on preparing dessert. 
So what's a girl to do when a sweet craving won't let her sleep? 
Bring in the cookies from The Cravory!

A few months ago I received a goodie package stocked full of the most amazing flavored cookies. 
Almond Joy, Pumpkin S'mores, Chocolate Truffle, and many more. 
Well.. those cookies are long gone,
but I find myself going back for more whenever that sweet tooth craving hits. 
They're just too good to pass up!
I know you want some too!
The cookies are baked to order, and could be shipped to your house within 2 days (for free!!)
So what are you waiting for?
Order HERE and get ready to nuzzle with a glass of milk.



Bailey Schneider said...

Noooo... Now you have me craving cookies and I'm trying to be so good with my diet!!
They do sound delicious!

London said...

I've tried a few at the farmer's good! I'm also lovin the rain in SD these days :)