March 13, 2014

In Love With..

I make lists all day, every day,
so I figured, why not compile a few things that I'm currently in love with and share it with ya'll?
Going to attempt to make this a weekly occurrence... let's see how this goes. 

-a little too excited about an upcoming girls getaway to Hollywood with my bestie this weekend. Staying here and eating here. Can. Not. Wait. till Saturday.

-celebrating St. Patty's day at Bailiwick again. 

-speaking of which... St. Patty's falls on a Monday this year, and I'm totes going out. 
Anyone else guiltily obsessed with that #selfie song? 
"Who goes out on Mondays? ... That is so ratchet"

-oh the things girlfriends say to each other.. and do together


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