March 5, 2014

Laguna is for Lovers

 Did anyone else watch Laguna Beach when you were younger?
And then The Hills? And The City?
Or no? 
I hope I didn't just lower your opinion of myself. 

Anyway. Let's talk about Laguna. 
It's about 1.5 hours away from San Diego,
and makes for a perfect romantic getaway. 
The husband and I decided to spend a few blissful days by the beach there for our anniversary last year. 
Waking up and walking down to the beach really helps take a load off.. 
it was such a relaxing trip!
We stayed at the La Casa del Camino Hotel while we were there. 
I highly recommend it! 
The hotel is just steps away from the ocean,
has a great restaurant on the main floor, and a killer rooftop lounge. 
Brunch on the rooftop overlooking the beach is my idea of paradise!
You can't beat the view!
The husband gave me my first Celine bag for our anniversary,
(3 years modern gift = leather)
and I had a good time breaking her in that weekend. 
View from our room... told you it was only steps away!
Amazing Lamb Chop Salad at the Watermarc.
LOVED this place.
Think I'm itching for another getaway!



Alyssa said...

I love it there, one of my favorite spots in California!

Bailey Schneider said...

This looks amazing! Perfect gift too! said...

nice photos! been dreaming about it san diego california what a great place to travel, the food, beaches, malls to shop.