January 13, 2013

The Blind Burro

The restaurant business is a tough one,
especially when you're trying to make it in downtown San Diego. 
Sometimes serving great food just isn't enough. 
Us natives have our standards set pretty high,
which means we like to eat and drink well, all whilst being entertained with good music and an even better ambiance. 
No pressure. 

This week I attended the grand opening for The Blind Burro,
the newest kid on the blocks of East Village. 
I think this one is going to be around for a loooong time!

My friend and I were thoroughly impressed from the minute we walked into the busy party.
The decor took me straight back to Mexico,
and the food was honestly better than I could imagine. 
Standouts of the evening were the steak tacos and the ceviche (perhaps the best I've ever had)!
It wasn't long until things started getting a little hazy... 
a typical side effect of one too many tequila tastings and free flowing margaritas.
What doesn't "te-quil-ya" makes you stronger.... I always say. 
The Blind Burro is now open for lunch and dinner,
and I highly recommend that you check it out. 
My prediction is that this place is only going to get bigger and better. 
In the next few weeks, the folks from Good Time Design will open up the Cat Eye Club,
a 60's  style lounge, located right next door. 
Can't wait for that.. might have to have a Mad Men marathon to get outfit ideas. 


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Bailey Schneider said...

It looks amazing and like such a fun time out!!
Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde