January 26, 2013

Irish Side-Tripping: Howth

The pretty fishing village of Howth is only 15 km from Dublin,
and in my opinion, definitely worth a visit.
Although it's not known as a major destination, but rather a residential suburb of the city,
Howth still has plenty to offer.

The easiest way to access it is by DART,
which will get you there in just over 20 minutes for a fare of €2.
Can't really beat that, right?
Grab a seat by a window and enjoy the beachy scenery on the way up.
Erik and I decided to spend a cool, balmy evening there one night during our stay in Ireland.
After walking around for a few hours and enjoying a romantic dinner,
we were able to catch the sunset on the train ride home... a view that I will never forget.
Upon the recommendation from our landlord,
we opted for dinner at Aqua, a restaurant that's known as a top contender for the best seafood around.
The classy joint serves dishes in its elegant dining room overlooking the harbour, in a building that was once home to the Howth Yacht Club.
As expected, the views were incredible,
and I'm pretty sure the oysters were tossed over from a passing-by boat, they were so fresh!
Pan Fried Fillet of Halibut - roast Mediterranean vegetables & sweet potato chips
Fried Fillet of Cod - green pea puree & white wine sauce
Hope I swayed you to make a quick detour away from Dublin.
I promise, you won't regret it!



birdie to be said...

Just came across your sweet blog! Love it. And what is even more crazy is that I just moved from San Francisco to Dublin in January. My husband and I moved here for work... crazy coincidence seeing this post today! :)

Paul Brady, Howth Sutton Baldoyle Chamber of Commerce said...

Natasha - many thanks for your kind words about Howth - I can assure you that you merely scraped the surface - the place is steeped in history, has many magical walks and sites and boasts so many excellent restaurants - you're welcome back any time!