October 8, 2012

Angels & Demons

It happens twice a year, 
every year. 
New York, London, Milan and Paris.
As I sit at home and gawk at the endless posts of all the lucky bloggers who get to attend the most amazing shows, 
all I can do is wish and pray that one day I could do the same. 

Fashion Week in San Diego gets bigger and bigger each year,
which is awesome. 
Unfortunately I didn't get to attend any of the events this year because we were out of town. Again. 
Boo hoo. 

But I did get to come home to a little piece of luxury yesterday..
I'm fortunate enough to have some pretty stylish relatives,
and although I only get to see them about once year (majority of my family still lives in Russia),
they do spoil me rotten each time they come to visit. 

A few years back I was gifted my favorite Alexander McQueen skull scarf,
which I've been wearing religiously since. 
Not without notice either - 
this year they decided to add a softer variation to my collection.
So now I have two versions of the same scarf:
skulls for when I'm feeling badass, and angel wings for when I'm feeling feminine. 

Speaking of Alexander McQueen... 
How amazing was Sarah Burton's beehive collection this season? 
I. Want. It. All. 

Have you been following the shows for the past month?
Which collection was your favorite?


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Stamp in My Passport said...

That Alexander McQueen scarf is amazing! So jealous you have two! :)