October 12, 2011

Bahama Mama

Sorry for the overwhelming amount of pictures..
just figured it would be nice to put them all in one post.

As you can see, plenty of fun was had.

Some highlights include:
  • crystal clear water and fluffy white sand
  • scooter adventures all around the island
  • brightly colored buildings that stand out among the lush green plants
  • Atlantis = paradise
  • amazing sea creatures around every corner
  • freshly caught conch, "the libido enhancer"
  • yard-long fruity drinks... maraschino cherries and little umbrellas included, of course

So what do you think? Gorgeous, ain't it? I bet you want to go there... like now.
Just remember... Protect ya tings! Always wear a rubber :)



itsmecarl123 said...

so awesome!

Holly said...

Love your photos!! :) (i found your blog via the comment you just left on mine - I'm now following you!) :)


The pic's are great!!

Love them.


Lauren | Eyes/Ears/Mouth+Lens said...

These photos could no be more colourful and I love it - looks like you had an incredible time!

Hilary said...

These photos are awesome and I'm glad you found my blog because I love yours!!

Niki said...

These photographs are great, looks like you have so much fun!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, it helped me to find your blog... It's fab, I am your newest follower :)

Niki @ LQM&M

Sarah said...

What amazing pictures. I love the look of the sea, it's such a lovely colour and it's so clear!



Eventful Life and Style said...

Great pictures!! I am itching to go to the Bahamas. And those chairs at Senor Frogs get me EVERY time!

brookeiam said...

hahaha i was totally at that senor frogs where they had those bar seats!! so funny!! :)

@jackiegiardina said...

OMG I haven't been to the Bahamas in years!! You are making me miss it terribly with all of these photos especially on this cold rainy day we're having in NY. You look like you had an amazing time! Super jealous!

xo Jackie

Jack and Friends said...

so beautiful! can't wait to hear all about it tonight :)

Yulia said...

Amazing! All these photos are so bright, colourful, vivid! You've definitely had a lot of fun there!