July 7, 2011

Royal India

Last night the hubby and I were on the prowl to find something drastically different for dinner. Our taste buds needed a serious break from the repetitive fish/rice/veggie/chicken/rice/veggie combo, so naturally, something intense like Indian food came to mind. We actually drive by Royal India everyday on our way to the gym, and the delicious aroma of strong curry always wafts in the air, so it didn't take us long to figure out where we wanted to go.

{Flying Horse Lager and an Indian Mojito}

{Hummus & Nan - homemade spiced hummus served with plain nan - I'm drooling}

{Lamb Shank - slow roasted in a clay oven with onion, garlic, ginger tomato curry, herbs and spices}

Disappointed we were NOT. The food was extra flavorful, and the ambiance made us forget that we were in San Diego (the Indian Mojito definitely helped). The fresh baked nan was unbelievably delicious, and the curry kept me picking until I was ready to explode. Are you an adventurous eater who likes Indian food? If so, I definitely recommend that you check this place out. Come oooon.. don't be a slumdog about it!

{San Diego summer nights}



kelcy ☼ said...

ooo! I LOVE indian food! Definitely one of my favorites...I could probably have it every day since there's so much variety and so many vegetarian options!!


Irusja said...

I love the pictures! India is amazing!