July 25, 2011

Hawaii Giveaway!!

Alright. That was cruel.
I WISH I could give each and every single one of my readers a free trip to Hawaii.
Someday. Maybe. Fingers crossed.

Till then, we'll just have to fake it till we make it.
Don't hang up.

Here's the plan guys:
You enter this sweet giveaway, win these awesome tanning products, apply them as soon as you receive the package, and tell everyone you know that you just got back from a weekend in Maui.
No. Big. Deal.

Alright, so if you're still reading this it means that you're interested in winning some free swag.
And in all honesty this is the best self-tanning products I've ever used,
(and I'm a self proclaimed, sunless tanning whore).
I promise. I'm not exaggerating.
The color that I've achieved from just ONE use of the Ultra Dark Tanning Solution is the most natural bronze glow I've had since... well, since the last time I've actually visited Hawaii and spent hours upon hours roasting in the sun.

Not sure if you recall, but a few weeks back I obnoxiously announced that I won two round-trip flights to Hawaii.... I know... you hate me.
Like I said, I WISH I could bring one of you with me, but I'm pretty sure my husband would disown me, and... well... that trip may be just a tad bit awkward for someone who doesn't know me too well.. 
This is what I plan on doing, on repeat, every day that I'm in Hawaii: snorkel, eat spam, snorkel, eat shaved ice, snorkel, eat.... alright, you get the drift.

Getting back to the giveaway -
Along with my flight vouchers I also received a bunch of these awesome tanning products from
and now, I'd like to pay it forward.
That means that I'd like to give one of you, a whole set of these sunless tanning goodies.

What exactly will you receive?
I'm glad you asked :)
One lucky winner will walk away with:

One Exfoliating Body Scrub
One Ultra Dark Tanning Solution
One Tan Maintaining Lotion
And a few more surprises that I'm planning to throw in.

Interested? I hope so!
Here's how to enter:

-Follow this blog with Google Friend Connect
-Leave your name and email in the comments section below

That's it! Giveaway will end on Monday, August 8th, and the winner will be chosen randomly!

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shopgirl said...

Love Hawaii! But no, definitely didn't think it was a holiday :-)). It would be nice though...I think I'm following you twice now on google if that's possible and I'm also following you on twitter.

Crossing my fingers.
p.s. Just to let you know, I opened my shop recently on Etsy - http://rambleswithreese.etsy.com

Wishing you a wonderful week! Reese

Sara Louise said...

Oh I'd love to look like I just got back from Maui! Sign me up! :-)

Stacy H said...

Oooh I wish I could win a trip to Hawaii, that is way awesome! Have a fabulous time.

I love sunless tanning stuff since the sun is so great but sooo bad for your skin.

my e-mail is: stacy.haynes@hotmail.com

Bay Park Dream said...
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Bay Park Dream said...

Ah I could REALLY use some new tanning lotion! :)
My email: bayparkdream@gmail.com

P.S. If you get a chance you should check out my blog :) I write about life in San Diego/my obsession with the amazingness that is SD.


Jack and Friends said...
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Heather P said...

Hells yeah!!! I'm in :)

Sara B said...

Um yes please! I'm quite the self tanner whore myself!

Kinsey Michaels said...

great giveaway!!!! especially for tanning lovers like myself (i only do the self-tan!)
i follow you on Google Friend Connect :)
my email is on my blog on the left hand column ~ kinseym.com

in love with Chicago said...

You little marketing genius!!! Sign me up please!! Winter is on it's way :)


Airbrush Tan NYC said...

Excellently amazing and exciting too. Can you please mention me the source of your reference... I am happy that at least somebody gave this subject an attention.