July 15, 2011


{My name is Natasha and I'm a Pott-Head. Don't judge me. I'm not ashamed.}

Last night, a few loyal Potter followers and I camped out to watch the midnight showing of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows - Part 2. The last HP movie... ever. It was awesome. Everything I imagined and more, but I still left the theater in a funky mood. You see, it's bittersweet really. A strong surge of excitement mixed with feelings of sadness about the fact that there's no more Hogwarts news to look forward to. It's the end of an era really. I suppose we all have to grow up some time... 

{Like our glasses? They're preeeetty sweet.}

{my very own Mad Eye Moody}

{a line of 1,500 Pott-Heads who joined us for the midnight showing last night}

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Angel Garcia said...

Love it! Ha this was the first year I have missed a midnight showing wihch sucks because its the last one! Theyre always fun..

All the best, Angel

Lucija said...

So fun!



JMW said...

Pott head - love it! I know of so many people who waited in line for midnight showings and have felt the same way. So excited to see the film, but feeling a tad bit sad because this is the last of the series. I wonder if Ms. Rowling has anything new planned in the world of literature- she certainly has the imagination and artistry for it!

Cristina L. said...

oh...u're so sweet...pretty girls!

Sienna said...

soo fun. can't wait to see!

Ashley said...

this is so cute


Stiene S. said...

Great photos! :D

Castle Fashion said...

Baww you guys look so cute. And I can't believe that line! It's crazy!

Castle Fashion

Cortnie Elizabeth said...

Love the glasses and the tie! The last movie was sooo good! I felt the same way you did. When the credits started rolling at the end I teared up. Definitely bittersweet.


blondehaus said...

oh my gosh i have to comment this because i love harry potter! i'm so glad you went and dressed up - it's so much fun, isn't it!?

Great blog! following for sure!

Andee Layne said...

how cute are you guys?!