November 13, 2014

Paris, France - Part II

I had a relapse of wanderlust this week, 
which happens quite often,
and can typically be tamed by a gander through some old travel photos.
So as I was doing this last night, I realized that I didn't even finish posting about our last visit to Paris... 
Awe I love looking at these snapshots.. the City of Lights is just so incredibly beautiful, don't you agree?

One of my favorite areas of Paris is Montmartre. 
It typifies all things quintessentially Parisian.. 
from terrace cafes to romping bars and clubs, 
drunken can-can dancers to budding street artists and performers, 
bourgeois-bohemian apartments to tiny cobblestone streets.

I suggest starting your explorations at the infamous Moulin Rouge, 
and then work your way up the hill to artist studios, statues of pop stars, 
and the church at the highest point of Paris - Basilica Sacré Coeur.
The views from this vantage point are incredible, and have taken my breath away each time I've visited.


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