February 18, 2014

Lucky Liu's Chinese

We all have our guilty pleasures in life.. 
for me, the list includes designer handbags, endless re-runs of #richkidsofbeverlyhills and... Chinese food. 
Mmm... sweet, crispy orange chicken smothered on top of oily chow mein?
I'm in heaven.
Now most of the time, when the craving sets in, 
I send the husband for some trusty take out (this place being our all time favorite hole in the wall).
But I think it's also nice to throw on a pair of heels before you enjoy some beef and brocolli.
Last week I was invited to come in for a menu tasting, 
as well as the grand opening party for Lucky Liu's,
a brand new Chinese restaurant in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter in San Diego. 
I didn't have to think twice about it,
especially once I found out that the new venture is headed off by Alex Thao, owner of RAMA,
one of my favorite Thai restaurants in San Diego! 

Lucky Liu’s offers classic comforting Chinese dishes, 
such as hand-made pork and shrimp dumplings, egg drop soup, lo mein, 
and special entrees from Thao’s grandma’s “secret menu.” 
I can honestly say that when I checked out the menu, my eyes may have been hungrier than my stomach,
so we ended up ordering way more than we should have,
but everything was so delicious that we nearly finished all the dishes!
Here's something I'm really excited about:
on the weekends, Lucky Liu’s will be serving dim sum during their traditional Chinese brunch.
How amazing does that sound?
Can't wait to check it out!
Spinach & Shrimp Dumplings - shrimp mousse and spices with spinach, wrapped in translucent wheat & potato starch dumpling skin. 
Chicken Wings - garlic-seasoned chicken wings sprinkled with a hint of salt & pepper, served with plum sauce and Chinese hot mustard.
These were seriously AMAZING. I could probably eat a few dozen. Not even kidding. 
Shrimp Balls - shrimp mousse and spices coated with shredded eggroll skins.
Salt & Pepper Shrimp - fried shrimps dusted with salt & pepper seasoning and tossed with scallions and jalapenos. 
Black Pepper Filet Mignon - wok-seared seasoned cube-sized filet mignons stir-fried with fresh asparagus in a black pepper sauce.
332 J Street
San Diego, CA 92101


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