February 11, 2014

K1 Speed

I'm a big fan of a little healthy competition,
so when I was invited to celebrate K1 Speed's 10 years in business,
as well as to check out their brand spankin' new indoor go-kart racing center in downtown San Diego last weekend, 
I just couldn't say no. 
I brought the hubby along (as if I had a choice, once I told him that I was invited to this place),
and together we headed to the heart of America's Finest City. 

The newest facility is really nice,
located near East Village in downtown San Diego. 
K1 Speed offers a fun place to come with your family and friends, 
to settle, once and for all, the bet on who's the best driver in the group. 
The newest center is huge,
and makes for a great setting to throw a party. 
In fact, the husband kept hinting at how fun it would be to have a boys night there as soon as possible..

The special event that we attended featured everything from cars, to food, to charity raffles and prizes.
It was a cool way to spend our Sunday afternoon,
and a great place to bring our friends in the future. 
My new mistress.
1709 Main St. 
San Diego, CA 92101


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Doug MacDonald photographer said...

K-1 is fun, it's amazing how fast those things can take turns!