November 11, 2013

Raglan Public House

I'm not typically much of a beer drinker. 
Sure, I'll throw back a few during Sunday football, 
and I've never been one to turn down a game of beer pong,
but for the most part, I tend to stick to the classics - 
red wine or vodka. 
But then there are days, or weeks rather,
when a girl just needs an ice cold, frothy beer. 
You know what I mean?

San Diego has some serious microbrewery game,
and last week was the perfect showcase - San Diego Beer Week!
Yes, a whole week dedicated to beer. Sounds amazing, right?
I couldn't pass up an invitation to check out Raglan Public House,
the unpretentious older brother of one of my favorite burger joints in San Diego.
Being as cool as it is, Raglan was of course participating in SDBW,
and just happened to be hosting Coronado Brewing Company on the day that we visited.
Lucky us - we got to knock two birds out with one stone,
and damn those birds were mighty fine. 

We kicked the night off with a flight of the kiwi,
choosing six brews to wet our whistles. 
Our favorites?
The Milk Stout for me, and the Stupid Stout for the husband. 
The Islander IPA with Starburst Candy is also a must try, in my opinion. 
Once we narrowed down our beverage selection for the evening,
it was time to indulge in some comfort food. 
I sprang for the night's special - a lobster bisque served in a bread bowl,
out. of. this. world.
while Erik kicked off Thanksgiving season by ordering the monthly special - 
a sandwich filled with all your turkey day favorites. 
That sandwich may not be the most photogenic item on the menu,
but holy hell was it delicious. 
Portobella Fries - fried portabella mushrooms with a rosemary dipping sauce. 
Want some?
Come and get your own. 
I promise you wont regret it. 
A huge thank you to Raglan for hosting us!

1851 Bacon St. 
Ocean Beach, CA 92107


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BKCsquared said...

How fun!! You look gorgeous! I'm the same way -- I'm a wine/cocktail drinker. But, whenever I visit Four Peaks Brewery in my hometown (Phoenix, AZ), I have to get a beer (or a few).

xo, B