September 11, 2013

Chiang Mai, Thailand - Patara Elephant Farm

One of the main reasons we decided to go to Chiang Mai is to experience the wildlife,
and to maaaybe have a chance to ride some elephants. 
It's always been on my bucket list, and where would be a better place to do it than Thailand?
I did my research long and hard,
and after all the reviews I read, people I talked to, and pamphlets I studied,
there was one place that seemed to stand out from the rest - Patara Elephant Farm
Well, first of all, we didn't want to go to a place that was very touristy, animal care was a large concern for us, and finally, 
we wanted more than just a tour with a chance to take some photos after... 
we wanted an experience.
And that is exactly what we got. 

I will, without any hesitation, say that our day at Patara was one of the best days of my life!
As I sit back and look through some of these photos,
I can't help but smile. 
We were given an opportunity to spend the whole day with our own elephants,
Memboompsie for Erik, and Bepoo for myself. 
We fed, cleaned, rode, and even bathed these gorgeous creatures under the waterfall. 
What more can one ask for? 

I'm not gonna lie... my eyes welled up with tears when it was time to say goodbye at the end of the day.. 
If you ever plan a visit to Chiang Mai,
I highly, HIGHLY recommend spending a day at Patara. 
Bepoo and I, getting to know each other. 
A beginning to a beautiful friendship.
How sexy is my riding outfit? I know. 
Silly Bepoo!
Our yummy lunch, served in the middle of the jungle. As fresh and tropical as it gets!
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The lunch spread on the leafs looks amazing. What a place to visit I am a bit envious.

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