February 10, 2013


There's a new place in town, and I'm absolutely smitten! 
Bailiwick is the definition of charming and is the perfect place for your next cocktail party. 
The location couldn't get better - nestled smack in the center of 5th Avenue,
the space is actually larger than it seems from the outside. 
Follow the soft glow inside, where you can get cozy in a shabby-chic booth, 
or better yet,
grab a seat at the bar and witness as the mixology masters whip up drink after drink, each one more original than the next. 

Let me tell you, I put those bartenders to the test - 
after trying out a few selections from the menu (Moscow Mule, Fritz Fernal and the Nolet's Nectar were all delish),
we decided to take it to the next level, and try something off the menu. 
"I usually drink dirty martinis, but why don't you surprise me?", was my request,
and thank goodness, they didn't disappoint!
We were brought out drink after drink, filled with tongue titillating ingredients (white fennel bitters stands out the most), 
and if it wasn't for the amazing appetizers we were treated to throughout the night, 
I'm not quite sure how we would have made it home that evening. 

Speaking of the food... there are currently only four items on the nightly menu,
however I cannot wait for the selection to grow! 
The two options that we got to indulge in, 
the cheese + meat board and the grilled oysters,
were executed to perfection. 
A giant thank you to the chef, who came out to check on us and describe the menu more than once. 
Such a great experience, and I cannot wait to come back!
Meat + Cheese
Grilled Oysters - thyme sake & jalapeno brown butter + prosciutto chips
And guess what?
It only gets better. 
Bailiwick now officially serves brunch with, 
wait for it,
$15 bottomless mimosas! 
I know, you just died and went to heaven. 
And there's more.. 
you heard it here first - 
the establishment is toying with the idea of offering up a fresh oyster bar in the very near future. 
Sign me up!



Bailey Schneider said...

That looks so delicious! Beautiful place!

Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

Anonymous said...

Ok...how do you stay so slim? You eat out alot and alcohol is packed with calories. Please do a diet & work out post.