November 11, 2012


Officially one of the best breakfast joints in San Diego. 
But I must say, the name of the restaurant is a little hypocritical.
If you really want to snooze on a Sunday morning,
you probably have no business trying to come to this place, because you'll have to wait at least two hours to get in. 
So worth it though.
The food is incredible. 
Chilaquiles Benedict: carne asada steak served on a cheesy, saucy tortilla stack topped with poached Niman Ranch eggs, smoked cheddar hollandaise, fresh salsa and cotija cheese.  
Bobbin' for Pancakes: dunk into a plate of buttermilk pancakes filled with caramelized gala apples and topped with brown butter, candied pecans and lemony whipped cream.
Happy Sunday!!


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Jack and Friends said...

So delicious and worth every minute of waiting (and people-watching) outside!