September 28, 2011

Fishy Business

You've probably read about the benefits of fish oil, oh, everywhere.

In the grocery store,
at the dentist's office,
in your bathroom magazine? Don't lie.

I know. I thought it was a tad bit overrated myself. I mean, I eat fish all the time.
Clearly I get enough fishiness without taking additional supplements;
and trust me, my skin is already oily enough - no extra oil necessary.

So I thought...

I was in the drugstore the other day, lolligagging in the vitamin isle while my prescriptions were being filled, and what do I see? Fish oil. On sale. Staring directly at me.

I pick up the bottle and start reading, (what else was I going to do? I already went through ALL the Revlon lipstick colors).
So I'm reading, reading reading, and suddenly, one little word pops out at me...

...ability to aid in treatment of heart diseasses, high cholesterol, depression, anxiety, low immunity, cancer, diabetes, inflammation, arthritis, weight loss, ACNE, fertility, skin care...

Wha chu say? Helps with acne? Count me in!

Ladies and gents, I have been struggling with my face issues for a longer period of time than I care to admit.
Now don't get me wrong, I know that my case is by no means severe... but still! Those little bumps are so flippin irritating!

And I feel like I've tried it all... proactiv, benzol peroxide, retin-a..
fail, fail, fail.

Long story short - into the grocery basket went the fish oil.

This was a month ago.

Today I'm a happy girl. My skin has visibly improved and I don't want to sound like an infomercial buuuuut..
I didn't change much else in my daily regimen except for the fact that I started taking these little babies.

Of course I am by no means a doctor, and you don't have to take my word for anything.
I simply just wanted to share a little success story with you all, about how these little fishy pills helped me out.

That's all.
Take it as you will.

Happy hump day. By the way.



Charlotte Aimée Clarke said...

Ahh I loved this post; it's so upbeat and quirky!
Fish oil tablets are amazing, a friend of mine has an autistic son; he started taking them and there is a visible difference in his behaviour and learning speed -just goes to show that natural supplements are sometimes still superior than man made ones.

Sam {} said...

interesting!! i may need to hop on the band wagon :)

Oneika said...

Wow! Will keep it in mind!

Nina J. said...

I will remember it!

rouli said...


Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

ohh good to know. I used to take them, but got lazy and I already take other vitamins, one a day... but I'm going to have to add these back into the rotation!

Juli Photo Diary said...

Great article!

FOllow each othe?

Kinsey Michaels said...

i never knew this before!! i may have to look into it too. my acne isn't horrible, but sometimes i don't keep up the best regimen for keeping it at bay. that's cool that it worked so well for you.

Hilary said...

I need to try this! And I'll need to post for you about the products I'm using because my face is drastically better!!