February 24, 2011

Sin City Essentials

A trip to Vegas is like a free pass from reality. You can be whoever you want to be and nobody would ever know, nor would they care. So when it comes to packing for my getaway to sin city this weekend, I have to ask myself... who do I want to be? I'm not sure that there's a single answer to that question, but what I do know, is that I'm all about the glitz and the glam. Below are a few essentials that are bound to end up in my carryon..

My beloved Balenciaga clutch and a few of my favorite D&G perfumes.
Big city, bright lights... BCBG skirt, vintage Christian Dior necklace and some oversized bling. 
It's all about going to the extreme.. Lancome traveler compact, Bad Gal Lash mascara and a set of false lashes.
Sin City? Leopard is always a must! Jessica Simpson Waleo pumps.
What do you think? I think whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!



karinayhmy said...

Love the Dior necklace!!! I hope you'll have some good stories to tell when you get back =)

The.Red.See said...
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The.Red.See said...
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The.Red.See said...

Great choices to pack, love the necklace! Have fun!

Shaina said...

Love those shoes! xx


cryskay said...

love your blog! i enjoyed reading through some of your previous posts. & i love your photos of what you packed to vegas. hope you had an amazing time. btw, i'm your newest follower. xo

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crystal glamour said...

all so beautiful :)


Lindsay With An "A" said...

Love the witty way you wrote this post! :) You're right, it IS a free pass from reality! Just did two posts on Vegas myself, one food post & one fashion/shopping post. Hope you had fun!!!