March 15, 2010

What happens at an FTC sleepover, stays at an FTC sleepover.

What can fight illness and depression, slow aging, and prolong life? It's simple you see. All you need is friends!

When life gets hectic and the road gets tough, the best thing one can do is spend some quality, good old fashioned time with friends. FTC was on a good one this week.. our work schedules were suffocating us, and it felt as though our finances were at an all time low. What could make us feel better? Dinner, movies, shopping? Perhaps... but what about a sleepover? I'm talkin sleeping bags, face masks and truth or dare. Yes, FTC had our inaugural sleepover, and it couldn't of have gone any better. We got to vent about our troubles, work on some diy crafts and just enjoy a good laugh. And you know what? It worked! I woke up feeling refreshed and englightened, ready to take on a new day.

So sometimes, when times get rough.. remember that the best remedy to almost anything is just a phone call, or two or three away. Here's to friends. I love you.

-Je suis amoureux de San Diego


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Rai Ts' said...

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