December 27, 2014

Malahat Spirits Co.

I'm not typically a rum drinker...
I blame it on the captain. 
But hey, I'm all about second chances, 
so when I received an invitation to come check out a new San Diego distillery and tasting room,
I decided to give rum another shot.
So glad I did!

established by Tony Grillo, Ken Lee and Tom Bleakley, 
is named after a five masted schooner that sailed down the West Coast during Prohibition. 
 Capable of carrying over 60,000 cases of spirits, 
she delivered more contraband liquor than any other ship in the Pacific. 
Anchoring off the coast of Southern California, 
she delivered her spirits to rum runners who would take the precious cargo to shore to awaiting patrons. She quickly became known as “The Queen of Rum Row”,
so if you drank your liquor in San Diego during Prohibition, 
chances are your booze came from the Malahat.  

 I personally sat down with one of the partners, Ken, 
and had six samples of their signature rum flavors. 
Malahat rums are all small-batch, handcrafted artisan rums. 
The company focuses on a white rum, a spiced rum and a ginger rum,
but they've also been playing with seasonal flavors,
and let me just tell you, 
the candy cane rum is out of this world!

Stop in for a tasting, and for just $15
you'll receive a first-class education about Malahat's distillery process,
six samples, and a glass for you to take home. 
I highly recommend it!
8706 Production Ave.
San Diego, 92121 


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