January 20, 2014


I have a funny little story about my best friends and I, 
or "FTC", as we like to refer to ourselves. 
It's a silly little nickname really, 
something we came up with several years ago while road-tripping back from a wild weekend in Vegas. 
We got to talking about how nice it is to share an affinity for the luxuries in life - 
food, travel, fashion,
why don't we just call ourselves the Finer Things Club? 
We had a good laugh about it, 
but the term kind of stuck. 
We try to live up to the name as much as possible, 
considering that we're all in different stages of our lives and don't even live in the same state. 

To us, the term luxury doesn't always have to be synonymous with spending a fortune.
Sure, we can all appreciate a ten-course meal at a Michelin star restaurant,
but we can be equally as pleased to spend hours in the kitchen, 
mocking up a tasting menu of our own as long as our friends are by our side.
In fact, that's how we decided to spend the holidays several weeks ago,
taking advantage of the short time we had together.
We researched hundreds of recipes, matched up some wine pairings to each course, and even crafted up an official menu. 
We were delighted to see how well everything turned out! 
It was a beautiful night that I'm hoping to recreate in the very near future.
Because in the end, laughter is all that matters. 
That is the true luxury of life. 
Love these girls so much!


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London said...

So cute, and gorgeous plating! :)