October 6, 2013

Railay, Thailand

Railay is like a dream.. 
Accessible only by boat due to the high limestone cliffs cutting off mainland access,
this island is a quick (yet cumbersome) trip away from Krabi. 
After almost getting wiped out by multiple waves,
we arrived to one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen. 

We spent the day exploring around the island, 
hanging out with monkeys, running from bats in caves, catching sun rays and drinking cold local beer.
Absolute paradise!
Holding on for dear life during our rough ride to the island. The trip takes about 45 minutes each way, from the Ao Nang pier. 
So remote.. we saw maybe 10 other tourists besides ourselves throughout the whole day. Loved it.
"Let's go explore inside the cave", he said. Uhm.. may have been a good idea until I almost passed out from claustrophobia. Did I mention there were bats? Loads of them. All over. Never again! Ha ha. 
But I must admit, it was incredibly cool inside. 
Where do I sign up?!



Michelle said...

Beautiful photos, looks amazing!


Jennifer Keating said...

Amazing! Any chance you remember how you got there and the cost of the trip? We're planning our honeymoon in Thailand and would love to go here!!