August 6, 2013

Brooklyn Cruising

Have you ever been to Coronado Island?
Located across the bay from downtown San Diego,
this affluent resort city is where I'd like to live when I retire. 
Although Coronado is home to one of my favorite beaches in the world,
the peninsula itself is not very large and can easily be covered by bike within a day. 
Which is exactly what Erik and I did last weekend,
thanks to the wonderful offer from Brooklyn Cruisers, to take their city bikes out for a spin. 

We started our Sunday Funday at Holland's Bicycles,
where we were quickly fixed up with Willow and Driggs, our two cruisers for the day.
After a few practice laps in the parking lot, 
we were on our way down Orange Ave to find a place to grab some brunch. 
You know me - I obviously did some foodie research before we set off,
and all the signs pointed me towards Leroy's Kitchen & Lounge.
We couldn't be happier with our selection!
The food was VERY delicious,
and as we sat outside, enjoying the live music and sipping on our cocktails, we were in absolute bliss. 

A few hours later, it was time to work off our calories,
so we hopped back on our bikes and took off with no final destination in sight. 
I love exploring around the quaint residential streets of Coronado...
all the houses are so unique, each one charming in its own way. 
As we weaved our way through the tiny alleys,
we somehow found ourselves at the beach, so we decided to take a break and lay out for a while. 
The weather was seriously perfect, so it was only natural for us to fall asleep. 
After waking up almost an hour later, we decided that we were hungry again,
so we hopped back on our bikes and followed the boardwalk, past the Hotel Del,
until we found a place with a great happy hour. 
Vigilucci's bar was calling our names,
so we found a cozy booth, order a few beers and some oysters, 
and finished the day by watching a soccer match with some locals. 
If only every day could be so relaxing!
Crispy Spiced Pork Belly and Bleu Pepper Chips
Poke Tacos and Stone Fruit + Smoked Duck
 Aren't these bikes so cool?!
We literally got stopped by strangers several times, to be asked where we got them!
If you're interested, you can find them here



BKCsquared said...

It looks like you had a blast that day!! & the color in your photos is beautiful!

P.S. LOVING the Moscow Mules!

xo, B

Jessica Gitler said...

do you know how much the bikes cost?? seems like a really fun thing to do ... I just had a event at the hotel del on sunday and was dreaming of doing something like this!!
Jess Cause Blog

Cece said...

Coronado Island is amazing! That whole place is just perfectly beachy and cute. I STILL need to visit Hotel Del but for the last 2 years we've gone to Breakers Beach.

Anonymous said...

Ok we are officially inspired, the Stewarts are moving to San Diego

Mell22C said...

I really liked Leroys too! The chips are amaze! I will have to keep the bikes in mind for next time I have guests in town ;)