June 7, 2013

Date Night San Diego

As you're reading this, 
I'm 8,000 miles away from my beloved home town, San Diego. 
Don't fret, I wouldn't just leave you hanging!
While I'm taking part in some romantic adventures on the other side of the world,
which I will tell you all about upon my return,
I've partnered up with a fellow SD native who's here to tell you about some dating hot spots in our town. 
All you singles, listen up! This girl knows what she's talking about.
Sigh.. I feel like this is the part where I pass on the reigns to the young single hottie, and sit back in the ol' married corner.
Without further ado, say hi to Carli!
For all those single San Diego residents out there who love this city, 
but may be struggling with the San Diego dating scene – this article is for you! 
San Diego, or as I affectionately call it “Man Diego” is full of beautiful, active people all looking to mix and mingle on the beach, at hot local restaurants and fun events. 
It sounds like dating heaven doesn’t it? 
Well, as I’m sure all you single San Diegans know, it’s not always as easy as it seems. 
There are tons of fun things to do in San Diego, world class restaurants perfect for a fun night out and incredible views to set the scene for romance, 
but with so much to choose from, it’s hard to pick the right destination for a fun singles night out. 
For men and women looking to get to know some incredible San Diego locals over a great bite to eat,
there are tons of awesome restaurants to check out. 
 So, here is my guide to hot San Diego restaurants for singles: 

Gaslamp Quarter 
The Gaslamp Quarter is a singles centric scene with over-the-top restaurants created specifically for mingling. 
One of my all time favorite restaurants for socializing downtown is appropriately named, Quality Social
This casual eatery has a cool vibe, casual but tasty menu and turns into a super fun nightclub every night. 
It serves classic American food with an artistic twist in a super trendy environment. 
Frequented by “just out of the office” locals looking for a happy hour drink or bite with friends before a big night out, 
Quality Social is a top spot for San Diego singles. 

Beach Side
Although Pacific Beach can have a bad reputation for crazy college kids, 
it’s also a beautiful beach community with great restaurants and fun nightlife, if you know where to look. 
One of the best “scenes” in Pacific Beach is at the popular San Diego hotel on the beach, JRDN at Tower 23. 
Located on the cliffs above the sand in Pacific Beach, JRDN has a gorgeous view of the water and Crystal Pier. 
Its’ trendy upscale environment still maintains a surfer beach appeal. 
It’s modern, beautiful and packed with gorgeous locals every night of the week, 
and it also has a full bar and an outdoor dining area perfect for catching a sunset over Pacific Beach. 

Mission Bay 
Mission Bay is a San Diego playground day or night and it’s one of the best places in San Diego to meet singles. 
From standup paddle boarding and kayaking to boating and wakeboarding, 
Mission Bay is the place to be for young active singles looking to have fun in the sun. 
As such, many of them end up at local eateries enjoying a bayside cocktail or a big dinner after a long day of fun. 
One of the best places to enjoy some live music, sit in the sun, 
check out some sharks (yes, I said sharks) and meet new friends, 
This casual restaurant is right on the bay and has a great outdoor patio with beautiful views and its own little lagoon full of bamboo sharks, rays and other fish. 
It’s a laid back environment with great food and a Jimmy Buffet vibe that makes it a top spot to meet singles in San Diego.
This article was written by Carli Leavitt, the editor of SanDiego.com. 
Carli is a San Diego native with a wealth of knowledge about local attractions, hotels, beaches and nightlife venues in Southern California.



Anonymous said...

Hi ,
I love your blog as i'm new in san diego ( from France) you gave so many good ideas to go out and explore this beautiful city

so sorry to be so curious but how do you do to have so many vacation , I mean Are you working in free lance ?

Elizabeth J. Neal said...

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shivani said...

Wow. This is something new that I have heard of. I would love to visit san diego at least once. :D