May 21, 2013

Salt & Cleaver

Spring is in the air,
and flowers are not the only things blooming!
New restaurants are popping up all over San Diego,
and I am on a mission to visit as many of them as possible. 
Salt & Cleaver has been open for barely a week, 
but it's already gathering some great reviews from the locals. 

The concept is simple -
pick your wiener, and dress it up however you like. 
For those who have a hard time making choices,
there are some pre-picked favorites that are bound to tickle your fancy. 
I stopped by the sausage fest during lunch time, 
and was able to sample a few different combinations by ordering family style with my buddies.
(always the best route when dining out) 
The crowd favorite was definitely the Duck.Duck.Pig from the protected list,
with the IPA Bratwurst coming in close second.
The cucumber fries were not quite what I expected, but interesting nevertheless,
but the real money maker were the S&C fries.  

In my opinion, the options are already pretty good,
considering that the full menu hasn't even rolled out yet. 
Already planning a comeback during happy hour, to sample some beer from S&C's impressive list,
and I obviously wont be able to sleep until I get my hands on that Lobster Roulade.
Duck.Duck.Pig - duck & bacon sausage, crispy duck confit, bacon-aze, orange marmalade, house bun.
IPA Bratwurst - smoked pork sausage, malted sauerkraut, roasted peppers, smoked brown ale mustard, pretzel bun.
Cucumber FriesFresh - cold cucumber spears. Served with Tzatziki. 
Mild Italian - garlic and fennel pork sausage, blistered cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pesto, toasted pine nuts.
S&C Fries - twice fried, skin on. Served with S&C sauce.
3805 Fifth Ave.
Hillcrest, San Diego, CA



Paulina Mo said...

that place looks pretty cool, I'm going to have to check it out!!

~Pau said...

Wow, love the interior! I'm giggling as I write this, but really, who doesn't love a good sausage? Can't wait to try...

Nicole Marie said...

if i like hot dogs i would be ALLLL over this.

Michael Jefferies said...

Do you guys know of a good San Diego casino resort nearby? That'd be chill!