April 9, 2013

Weekend Diary

I don't have too many photos to share today,
because 85% of this weekend was spent inside the house.
It may sound lame, but the hubby and I seriously needed some down time.
We're on the go so much, that sometimes, it's the little things in life that make me happiest.
Cooking elaborate meals, catching up on my favorite shows (btw, who watched the Mad Men season premiere?! so good!)..

Speaking of cooking - we are making progress on our kitchen remodel, which makes me one happy girl!
It's the last part of the house that we need to upgrade, and obviously the most important.
On Saturday we ordered all our new appliances, so now we can focus on building all the cabinets, picking out backsplash and tile for the floor, and all the other fun stuff.
I've been pinning photos onto my pinspiration board for a while now, and can't wait to see how it all turns out.
I'll be sure to post some before and after pictures as soon as the whole thing is complete.

There were other developments this weekend too...
The huzband and I officially booked our next trip!
In less than two months we are going... to... ASIA!
I could not be more excited.
Neither of us have really been to this part of the world before,
and my imagination is running wild as I plan out all the details.
We'll be gone for a little over two weeks,
during which time we plan to cover the following countries:
Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore.
All I can think about are elephants and tigers, delicious cuisine and gorgeous beaches.. oh my!

Does anyone have any recommendations or travel tips for any of the places listed above?
I'd love to hear from you!



Anonymous said...

How exciting...I'm so jealous! My hubs and I would like to travel like this but we can't afford it. Can you let us know how you book affordable trips, how do you book affordable hotels, what websites you use etc. You and your hubs seem to get to go to a lot of amazing places!


CaroBump said...

You will love Siem Reap. Angkor Wat was spectacular. Go for a morning jog to see the sunrise over the Wat...Breathtaking. I recommend hiring a driver for a couple days while in Siem Reap. It's inexpensive and they will take you places off the beaten path. It's always better to hear the history of a country from someone that lives there. Many of the taxi drivers from the airport to the hotel also are drivers/tour guides. We were taken to a local farmers market and ate several strange, some delicious foods (bugs included).

lauren | eyes/ears/mouth+lens said...

Hey girl I backpacked all over SE Asia two summers ago with my best friend and have a ton of photos/posts/recommendations on my blog for all those countries (eyesearsmouthlens.com). Hopefully it'll help!

Lauren said...

Sounds like it will be an incredible trip!

You must work at the most amazing company to have so much vacation time. Are they hiring? ;)

Jessica Gitler said...

i spent a month in Thailand about a year ago ... really cheap .... very smelly ... pretty beaches but very touristy!! If you go to Krabi ... its beautiful ... really really small ... take a boat tour and go see the beach the the movie "the beach" was made at ... it is really really amazing and there is great snorkeling all around there ... plus they take you to a bunch of other islands as well ... so worth it and really pretty!! Bangkok ... really big city and kinda crazy .... the markets in Bangkok was the most amazing thing for us ... we actually spent two whole days at the markets cause it was so much to take it!! i am sure you will have a great trip!!!!