September 26, 2012

Weekend Diary

The huzband and I got back from our vacation last week,
and immediately plunged ourselves back into our busy social schedule. 
One of my besties flew in from Chicago,
which was perfect timing because we all got to celebrate another bestie's birthday together. 
Marg Classic Pie. Amazing.
We also tried it in Mash. Equally delectable.
Tequila birthday treats are better than birthday desserts.
Yeah, I said it. 
On Friday night a bunch of us got together for amazing pizza at Bar Basic
After seeing the pie picture above,
do you really need any more convincing to go there immediately?
Didn't think so. 

After we stuffed ourselves silly,
we decided to put our.. ahem.. lovely voices to the test,
with some karaoke at the Lamplighter.
If you're ever seeking a super chill bar to sing, dance and watch the game at,
this is your place! 
So lucky to call these beauties my friends!
We kept the party going through the weekend.
Ladies night at Fluxx is always a good time.
Who needs Vegas when you can be naughty in your own backyard?
What have you all been up to lately?
Missed you!



Perpetuity said...

San Diego is on my visit wish list! Loved looking through your blog and thanks for your sweet comment...following;)

Bailey Schneider said...

Looks like a P.A.R.T.Y!!
Good Times! :)

Escondido Bankruptcy said...

Always a fun time going out in San Diego!