June 8, 2011


Can you guess what this post is about? Just take a close look... does anything seem bigger? Longer, perhaps?

That's right folks, last night I got eyelash extensions, and I'm officially hooked! I've always lusted for those butterfly long lashes, and although falsies are always fun for a night out, they're not quite realistic for everyday wear. I've considered trying Latisse, but the constant warnings of all the side effects freaked me out a little.. are longer lashes worth giving up my baby greens for? Probably not.

That's when I decided to try extensions. I've been hearing more and more about them lately, and after reading a few success stories on several blogs, I decided to give it ago. Extensions are a little pricy, but I figure that feeling fabulous on my birthday is worth the investment. The whole procedure took about an hour and a half... "just take a little nap, and when you wake up, you'll have gorgeous lashes", is what the lady at the salon told me. What a concept, huh? The experience was totally painless, and she was right, I was able to snooze for a few minutes, and when she was all finished I looked in the mirror and was very pleased with what I saw.

The only downside? I've been fluttering my eyelashes waaaaayy too much today... hahaha! Of course everyone is different, and if you decide to try out lash extensions, you should probably check with your doctor to make sure you're not allergic to the type of glue that they use. Once you have the go-ahead however, dive right in without fear! Your eyelashes will not fall out, (ok, don't quote me on this), and you will feel fa-bu-lous!

Questions? Concerns? Feel free to email me, and I'd be happy to give you more details about my experience.

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Jacquelyn said...

OMG!!! I'm so completely jealous!!!! I want them you look so good!! I really am going to look into it now!

xo Jackie

Megan said...

well hello sexy eyes!

i love them! i got eyelash extensions regularly a few years back and realized i picked them off when i was bored, so i stopped. im envious of anyone who can get them and take care of them! they look amazinggg!

Morgan said...

Looks gorgeous. Like the perfect falsies without the hassle!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

nice post girl x

Valerie said...

You look great! I think they really accentuate your eyes. Btw, maybe it's just me but you have Lindsay Lohan's eyes. Before reading, I honestly thought it was a pic of Lindsay. :) xx


Dale said...

Your eyes look so pretty and I'm so glad you posted this because I've wanted to do the same thing and I'm too scared to try Latisse as well. My friend gets these extensions at a place in SF (and they only charge around $30) which is really cheap from what I hear. These look amazing on you and I would love to wake up with eyelashes like this :)
Following you now, thanks so much for stopping my blog too

Anonymous said...

They look great on you! I was getting them for 6+ months, but decided I needed a break from them.